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For Ambitious, Intelligent Women Who Are Tired Of Chasing The Level Of Success They Expect and the Lives they Deserve...

The Greatest Opportunity Of A Lifetime...

“100 High Achieving Women's Lives Will Change This Year...

...And I’m Personally Inviting You To Be One Of Them!”

Join A Group Of Ambitious Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Who All Want to Grow their Income In A Way That Aligns With What They Really Want TODAY... And Finally Make Money and Love Life at the Same Time!

 Make Sure The Sound Is On And Watch The Business Accelerator Webinar with Special Limited Time Deal At the End!

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Limited Spots Available

If you want to achieve your goals in a way that aligns with the life, you love by working directly with me and other successful women, while also learning how to create a new stream of revenue through your own business, then beta testing the so many business accelerator in The So Money Society is for you

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What Is The

So Money Business Accelerator Program?

As you probably saw from the video above, the So Money Society Membership is made up of an elite group of women professionals and entrepreneurs who are “in the trenches” doing things NO ONE does... making more money AND loving life at the same time... by finding the time to do what they love... and the clarity of mind to actually enjoy it...  They are literally living the dreams they’ve always wanted but didn't realize could be possible for them!

And I Want YOU To Be Part Of This Exclusive Group, especially with the Launch of the So Money Business Accelerator (sMBA)!

The So Money Business Accelerator Coaching Program

Was created for two reasons:

– Business/ Financial Growth –

At She is Money, we know that successful women have little time to enjoy what they’ve built when it’s on them to support it all, financially and otherwise.

That's why we teach and coach ambitious professionals and business owners how to create businesses that make money FOR them, so that they can experience the lives they want and can stop needing to trade their time for money.

– Support and Accountability –

The ambitious woman often tries to do everything on her own, and takes pride in her ability to do it all. But let's be real, sometimes what we really need is exposure, support and guidance from other qualified achievers to believe it's possible and to stay on track. 

For this reason, meetings are designed to get coached, see that great things can be done, share tactics, and support each other using our individual zones of genius to evaluate business, financial and life goal progression.

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Even if you Don't Believe it's Possible for You to Make More Money with Less Time... 

it’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created the So Money Business Accelerator Program only in The So Money Society: a framework and a group of badass believers that do nothing but champion you and your biggest professional, financial and life goals, through it all!!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear From Some of Our Amazing Coaching Program Women

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Kris | Ambitious Hospital Director

"(This last masterclass) was so motivating and it's given me so many more ideas!"

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Melinda | Ambitious Lab. Scientist

"The So Money Society has provided me with the support, resources and encouragement I need to achieve my goals."

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Kirin | Ambitious Pediatrician

"(Johanna is) an amazing advocate and coach and I cannot thank (her) enough for all the things (she's) helped me with."

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Natalie | Ambitious Teacher

"With Johanna's support and guidance, I found the courage to accept an opportunity that changed the trajectory of my life."

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Fe | Ambitious Retired Professor

No matter our age (I’m 80), (intelligent women) desire wealth and wellness for ourselves and the world, which is why I love sessions of the So Money Society."

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Sarah | Ambitious Optometrist

"Johanna is wicked smart, kind and creative!! She will help you break through plateaus or get started towards the very best you!

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Additionally, When You’re Part Of The Mastermind Family,

Not Only Do We All Grow our Money, We Also Clarify Our Goals, And Implement

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We do it together, because the Society is the only peer group you need to chase your dreams without someone telling you it can't be done... for the rest of your life...

...we share incredible, bonding experiences that feel safe, allowing you to connect, collaborate, and create the money and the mindset you need with long-lasting relationships!

And Every Year,

We create new versions of our success to build on from the year before.

When You’re Part Of The Family,

We Learn Strategy the World's elite live by, and We implement it Together!

Here’s a glimpse at some of the Topics we Focus on... and what you can look forward to when you’re part of the So Money Business Accelerator Coaching Program!

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Dream Big Goal Achievement Accelerator

The Dream Big Goal Accelerator is a framework that helps you set and achieve your biggest goals in a way that aligns with a life you love. Most of us are floating along reacting to other people's needs, without a clear understanding of what we really want.

The process shows you how to imagine what's possible for you, clarify your own version of success and your path towards each new goal. It's possible to the life you love, at work and at home, with compassion for your past, fulfillment in the now, and a deep passion for the future.

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Wealth Empowerment Curriculum

Most women learn to use money in a way that is designed to keep them small. In the Society, the Money Maven Toolkits guide you through concepts about money and it's relationship with time that only the most wealthy know and adopt to achieve and maintain financial freedom. Whether you are an employee with no business exposure or run a 7-figure biz, in this space you gain confidence and results in reaching your financial goals using business management, tax, marketing, finance and investment concepts that work. 

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Mental Clarity and Power Training

So many people spend their lives sabotaging their own success with thoughts that keep them confused. Competing thoughts limit our focus on the most important present task or ability to make quick and powerful decisions. Unencumbered success is only found when you learn and practice noticing and managing those thoughts, which is why we provide a collection of 40 + guided meditations starting at the very beginning with mindfulness techniques.

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Performance Optimization Modules

Are you living a life where there is no time for you? Your physical, emotional, social and spiritual health and fitness are the last thing on your priority list, I know. It's not your fault. Society conditions women to do everything to please everyone else first, and I’m not gonna lie it’s exhausting. In these modules we deep dive into strategy not only for our daily workflow but also to keep our minds and bodies at peak state.

The So Money Society Coaching Membership

Is The “Short-Cut” For Ultimate Success

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Now’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to TAKE IT.

What if you ended each week knowing that you have an opportunity to uplevel your wealth, health and happiness and live the life you love because you designed it intentionally to be that way?

  • Make financial and personal goal progression a non-negotiable
  • ​Get support, wisdom and inspiration from other elite women
  • ​Learn perspective and strategy that only the top 1% live by

So when I say,

THIS is the only Way to Have Fun Making Money and live the life you Designed and love...”

I really mean it.

I know you. You are already successful. But something is just not quite right. You've worked your entire life to reach the top, yet here you are with your family, home, career and life, everything you worked for, but you feel like you are just barely holding on without being able to enjoy any of it.

There's just never enough time, energy, money or focus to be truly present to experience life.

But what if I told you that you don't have to be pushing that hard? In fact, if you want to enjoy the life you worked so hard to build, you must stop the hustle. It doesn't work anymore for your phase in life. 

I'm calling you to take control of your money and your life. Transform it into exactly what you want it to be right now. Not what it should be. Not what you thought it would be. Join us. I'm saving you a seat.

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